Rules & Policies

  • Include a title(s) at the beginning for all entries.

  • Each on camera talent must complete the “Talent Consent and Release Form” and submit to the films producer for record keeping and be submitted.

  • By submitting, you are allowing RJUHSD Film Festival to use your video for promotion, projecting and posting online as a Film Festival submitted work.

  • All music and sound must not violate copyrights or be original work (except for the Music Video). Proof of copyright license must be submitted.

  • Include credits at the end for all entries.

  • Video content must be PG-13 and school appropriate.

  • Guns can not be shown or heard.

  • The Film Festival is open to diverse interpretations of the human experience. Sensitive topics should be handled with maturity and avoid being gratuitous, explicitly violent, obscene or overtly sexual. Submissions should not depict youth involved in risky, questionable, or illegal activities without also examining the outcomes, ramifications, or consequences of those activities.

  • Submissions can not contain show laws and rules being broken. Breaking laws and rules can be implied.

  • Content must be produced within the fall or spring semester of the current school year depending on the corresponding Film Festival.

  • Previous entries from an earlier Film Festival are not permitted.

  • Video content must all be filmed, edited, and produced entirely by students enrolled in a RJUHSD high school. Adults can only advise and can only be a minor supporting role.

  • Video is exported and encoded in a high bitrate, HD 1080, and H.264 file (.mp4)

  • Name the video in the following format: [ Category - Title - Last Name ]

  • By submitting to the Film Festival, the entrant acknowledges understanding and acceptance of these rules & policy.

If you have any questions, talk to your schools Multimedia/Video teacher.